Logo mistakes and ways to avoid these 

 June 27, 2022

If you are concerned there’s something wrong with your logo, our guide will explain the reason. With the assistance from the Turbologo on the web logo maker, you can correct all your mistakes.

What is a logo?

The logo can be described as a collection of elements that can be used for representing the work of a company in the most exact and appealing manner in addition to any products that it creates. Logos are a crucial spot in the corporate identity framework often as an element of formation.

The logo must meet an array of diverse requirements. This is crucial when it comes to giving the information that is embedded within the logo. Nowadays the logo can be compared to an flag on a vessel.

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Logos are created with errors

Old-fashioned tricks

The old graphics are difficult to identify and quantify. Even the most skilled designer may not be able explain why one design is outdated and the other isn’t.

It’s usually about old techniques In the time when Photoshop first came out, everyone started to create graphic designs with the tools included in the program in random ways. The techniques of the past appeared fresh and original however, now they’re old-fashioned, and we see the way we see them.

Here are the top three old-fashioned techniques that are easy to identify in the logo.

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Shadows are an extremely unsuitable technique for the context of a logo. Why would you want to try to simulate the casting of shadows by an object in non-natural circumstances?


Similar to Shadows, imitation in the reflection of the logo’s light appears absurd and causes many problems with the use of it.

Illusion 3D/ embossed

The same reasoning can be applied to the 3D simulation used in the logo. It will be extremely difficult to utilize this feature on a variety of media.


There instances where a shadow, 3D illusion or glow appear appropriate in logos however only if these methods compliment the design and are applied in a wise manner. But , these logos should include a monochrome version with no applied effects such as in printed material.

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A failure to select colors

Every color is unique and has its own specific parameters of saturation, tone and brightness. It also has its position in a specific color model. The ability to see colors like a designer an additional power.

Too intense

As we have evolved, our eyes have adapted to responding more quickly to deeper colors in order to better discern danger and shield us from predators. Thus the bright colors create a more intense burden on our retina. Overly saturated colors affect the eyes of the user and make it difficult for them to see them.

Little contrast

The contrast in design can be an crucial aspect, and if you don’t have enough contrast in the colors within the logo aren’t sufficiently contrasted the logo will become less clear and the colors within it will blend together.

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To determine your logo’s contrast, use the black and white effect that is less striking. colors will blend into one another in gray.

Dirty gradients

Even with the perspective of a great color combination A sloppy gradient may be apparent when chiaroscuro has not been included in the process of creating it. It is easy to identify an unclean gradient through the unintentional gray tints that show up near the intersection of colors.


The over-saturation of your logo can occur when you include many elements within the design. This results in poor reading of the logo. The viewer will not be able to comprehend what’s displayed on it and is less likely to remember your company’s name on the next encounter.

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A logo with too many elements can look great when it is large however, most of the time people use it in another manner either from a distance or with just a glance. this should be considered! Reduce or apply blurring to your logo’s design to check its readability under more realistic environments.

A weak composition

A weak composition is difficult to spot at a quick glance, especially if you are not a designer. We have identified four most frequently cited causes in composition. We will look at them in the following.

Incorrect proportions

Designers refer to proportional mistakes in the form of “mass” errors. It is the “mass” of elements is their “density” relative to other elements of the logo. in the event that one element is visually bigger than another the result is an imbalance.

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Poor alignment

The harmony of the elements in the logo may be disturbed when there is a sense that the design has been “littered” in one of the directions. In this case, the logo instantly appears “unstable”, causing dissonance.

Little air

If you position the elements too close each other, i.e you do not consider their “air” between them, “mess” may occur.

Plenty of air

Sometimes, the distances between elements are too wide and create a sense like “holes” in the logo that can create an unevenness.

That’s all! We hope our guide can help you avoid mistakes and help you design a logo that is effective. Best of luck!

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